Gear Review & Giveaway! Ponya Bands

For years I struggled to find headbands that would stay on my head without giving me a splitting headache because they were so tight.  I’ve tried all styles from the classic horseshoe-shaped Goody’s style headbands popular circa 1993, to Sweatybands that are velvet-lined but have the elastic strip at the back which like to slide up and off my head, to the thin silicone-lined Nike or Adidas headbands that do hold your hair back out of your eyes but do nothing to keep sweat from invading my eyes and blinding me!  I had all but given up on finding a headband that would meet all my criteria when I discovered Ponya Bands in July 2013. logo

I was turned onto Ponya by my good friend and fellow runner, Paula, who swore up and down that it would be the last brand of headband I would ever buy.  I decided to give them a shot; at worst I would add it to the graveyard of unworn headbands living in my bathroom closet.  I purchased a 3” Bamboo-lined Sweatband and tried it out that very evening.


Not only did the sweatband stay on my head it also kept the sweat out of my eyes! The secret is in the lining and construction of their bands.  The bamboo lining is super absorbent and has just enough texture that it stays in place throughout your workout.  I made the mistake of first trying to wear the bands like you would any old headband, just behind my hairline, and was quickly corrected by my friend.  As she explained it, your sweat typically rolls down from your hairline; if you don’t wear your Ponya Band far enough forward it can’t do its job and catch that sweat.  So I made that slight adjustment and it worked just as described.  I’ve demonstrated in the pictures below for reference:Publication1



As you can see, the band sits just down from your hairline on your forehead so it can catch the sweat as you work out.  The other construction point of note is that the lining, unlike many other bands,  the bamboo lining is sewn into the entire circumference of the band and then join in a little “knot” at the very back of the band.  The knot is actually one of the features that I find keeps my band in place.  It sits perfectly at the base of my skull and doesn’t move at all.   All this AND the bands are SUPER CUTE!  With tons of fabric colors and patterns to choose from you’re sure to find something you’ll love!


The bamboo-lined sweat bands are available in two widths: 3” wide and 4” wide, I tend to wear my 3” bands in the warmer months and the 4” when it’s chilly because it’s the perfect size to cover your ears. I’ll also share some of the more technical benefits of the bamboo lining that I pulled from the Ponya Bands website:

Bamboo fabric has inherent properties that naturally wick moisture. Most sweatbands have cotton fiber in the lining, which holds the sweat next to your skin. Bamboo wicks the moisture off your forehead and even absorbs sweat better than cotton, keeping sweat from running down your face and into your eyes.

Bamboo also is hypoallergenic, making it non-irritating to the skin. It’s naturally anti-bacterial, which helps keep away odor, and is organic.

Bamboo has natural thermo-regulating qualities. On hot days, moisten the band with water for a cooling effect. During cold weather, pull the band over the ears to keep toasty warm. Bamboo is a very soft fabric that retains its softness after repeated use and washings. Your workouts will be more comfortable with a bamboo-lined sweatband, it’s just that simple!

Ponya doesn’t just make sweatbands for working-out though!  They also make super-awesome headbands to wear for fun and fashion, and to keep your hair in place!  Ponya makes a very clean distinction between its sweat bands and headbands and it definitely makes a difference.

The non-slip headbands are available in 1” wide or 2” wide sizes and even more pattern and color choices! Again, I doubt you have any outfits that you won’t be able to find the perfect headband for!  The headbands are velvet lined and just like the sweat bands, when they are worn properly, with the Ponya logo by your left ear, these Will. Not. Slip! I know that is a very specific instruction but the reason is that the velvet lining can’t grip your hair unless you wear the band the right way.

Ponya Bands
is an amazing company founded and operated by Judy Beyerle! It’s a Louisville, KY based business and any of her products can be purchased online or at any number of race expos they attend throughout the year (they’ve been known to pop up at The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and miniMarathon, as well as Run The Bluegrass, and many more!!)    You can find Ponya online at Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for their latest events, sales, news, and promos!

Now for the super exciting part! I’ve teamed up with the folks at Ponya to do a giveaway AND offer a discount off your order at!!  

For the discount all you have to do is enter code “Turtlerun” at checkout for 10% off your order!   And for the giveaway, I’ll be giving two lucky readers their very own 3″ Bamboo-lined Ponya Sweatband each!! You can sign up by following the link below and earn “tickets” to win!  I’m using Gleam to host the contest so, rest assured, the winners will be chosen completely at random.  But the more chances you have in the pot the better off you’ll be!  Click the link below to enter to win!

Ponya Band Giveaway!

Happy Running!



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