UnBoxing! The Runner Box – June/July

Hey everyone! First let me apologize for my absence for the last few weeks. With a vacation, my grandma’s funeral, the 4th of July holiday, and my birthday it’s been a little crazy around my home… Never fear though. I am back and I have a bunch of reviews and posts planned! Thanks for sticking with me!


In this today’s post we will be un-boxing The Runner Box subscription box! It’s similar to the Runner Crate that we un-boxed last month in most ways but this box you only receive every other month instead of every month. I’ve included the un-boxing video below as well as a the prices and websites for each product.

You can sign up to for subscriptions to this box in 4 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year, Perpetual increments with the price decreasing for the longer the subscription you choose.  I signed up for the Perpetual option which brought my cost to $20.00 every two months. Not too shabby when you look at the value of the contents you receive (well over $100 in June/July.) I was very impressed with the quantity and value of what came in my first box and I’m definitely looking forward to getting my next one in August!DSC_0466

Let me know if you would like to see an “empties” video for the two boxes we’ve had so far with reviews for each item! Also be sure to like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you’ll be the first to know when new videos and posts go up!

Enjoy and Happy Running!


In the box:

DSC_04871. Ultonic – MSRP: $19.95 for a 22 serving bottle; available at www.ultonic.comsample-packet-ultonic


DSC_04842. Goddess Garden Organic SPF 30 Everyday Sunscreen – MSRP $14.99 and up; www.goddessgarden.com

DSC_04963. Natural Force Organic Recovery Nectar – MSRP $59.99 per 20 serving cannister; www.mynaturalforce.com


DSC_04994. 4id Power Spurs – MSRP: $19.99; www.4id.com

DSC_04865. PB Thins 100 Calorie Packs – MSRP $46.80 per case; www.bellplantation.com


DSC_05006. PowerICE – MSRP: $5.99 per 6-pack; www.Powerice.com/store


DSC_04827. Hyperbiotocs PRO15 – MSRP: $25 per bottle; www.hyperbiotics.com


DSC_04778. ORAL I.V. – MSRP $12 for a 4-pack; www.oraliv.com


DSC_04939. Earnest Eats Apple Ginger Whole Foods Bar – MSRP $2 ea; www.earnesteats.com


DSC_048910. RXBARS – MSRP: $2.49 ea; www.rxbar.com


DSC_049411. Ultima Replenisher – MSRP: $29.99 per 30 stick pack; www.ultimareplenisher.com


DSC_047812. REFocus – MSRP $2.99 ea; www.drinkre.comvitality_line_up


DSC_049713. Orgain Protien Powder – MSRP$29.99 per 20 servings; www.orgain.com


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