Race Review! Firecracker 6

13590371_935499924135_1640528124453512158_nfirecracker_6Every year for the past few years I have made it a tradition to run a race in celebration of Independence Day.  This year we decided to visit my best friend in Indianapolis, IN and do a race up there with her and a few of her work running buddies!

The 7th Annual Firecracker 6 presented by St. Vincent is a 6-Mile & 6K Run/Walk through downtown Indianapolis. Runners start the race just outside the City Market and, depending on which distance you run, pass several well known landmarks and historical sites!

Overall Impressions:   This race was really well done, with ample road closure support from the local police, a clearly marked course, and great water stop volunteers.  The weather, though drizzly, was actually perfect since it was lower than normal temperatures and overcast.  Also, a fun note about this race – they give out “awards”, a pint-glass for the 6k and a tumbler for the 6 mile, to the first 76 finishers in each gender division! It pretty cool if you’re a mid-pack runner not used to “winning” anything at races.

T-Shirts/Swag: So the swag for this race was actually pretty cool and non-traditional which was a nice switch up from your typical cotton t-shirt (tech tee if you’re lucky!) They actually gave all runners a reusable, Firecracker 6 branded, lunch tote!  I’ve actually been using mine since the race for taking my lunch to work and it’s a really nice little bag.  You also get one free digital race photo from the nice folks at Capstone Photography and a post-race brew from Metazoa Brewery as well!

They do have race shirts available but they make it an optional purchase which is really refreshing since I end up donating mine 99% of the time unless it’s a singlet style tech shirt or a race that had a special meaning to me. They also have t-shirts available for purchase, in limited quantities, the day of the race in case you’ve caught a case of FOMO!


The couple the runs together… <3<3<3

Aid Stations: For the 6k route there was one water-stop at just about the halfway mark.  For the folks running the 6 mile route there are two additional stops with both water and gatorade at the 5k (3.1 Miles) mark and the last at the 4.6 mile mark.

Scenery & Course:  I can only speak personally about the 6k course but let me tell you, even though the weather was on the gloomy side, the course scenery was still gorgeous, especially if you love architecture  and the course was definitely fast and flat!  Indianapolis is the state capitol and has no shortage of beautiful buildings and this race takes you past quite a few with Monument Circle, the Indiana Statehouse, University Park, the Indiana War Memorial, the Scottish Rite Cathedral, the American Legion Mall, the Veterans Memorial Plaza, and more all making the list.

routeMapElevation: This. Race. Is. FLAT!  I’m not sure you could find a much flatter course with an elevation variance of +/- 2ft throughout! elev

Race Experience: I had a great time at this race and I would definitely do it again!  It was a well attended event without being crowded on the course and really well organized.  Seeing all the runners and walkers dressed in their patriotic gear was also pretty cool.  They even had a photo booth set up right at the finish to snap so snazzy pics!

Parking/Access: Since the race took place in downtown Indy there was plenty of both on-street or parking garage parking available.

The Firecracker 6 was definitely a great time and I am certainly keeping it in my list of Independence Day options moving forward!

Happy Running!


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