Storytime! The Olympics are Here!

five-olympic-rings_66266f0ae882a629.jpgEver since I was a kid I always loved the glitz and glory of the Olympic Games. I can remember sitting on the floor at my grandparent’s house stuck to the TV as the gymnasts floated across the floor and flew through the air and just how exciting it all was.  As I grew into the adult I am today – that excitement for the games hasn’t faded.  Even with the questionable locations of the last two (winter and summer) host cities and the other issues present in Rio, I can’t help but be excited to see the pinnacle of competition in these sports.

The Olympics have also helped me find and fall in fascination with sports I’d never heard of much less watched like curling, the modern pentathlon, and handball. All of which, once I figured out what was happening and how the scores were earned are fun if you give them a chance.

As I’ve become a more dedicated and enthusiastic runner I’ve found myself much more engaged in the track & field, cross-country, and endurance.  Who would have ever thought that watching a marathon on television would excite me – but it does. Which speaks volumes about the evolution of my relationship with running. I simply can’t get enough.

So in honor of the Olmpics I thought I would share a couple of things I’ve come across leading up to the Opening Ceremony tonight that have helped me get into the spirit of the games.  I hope you enjoy and that these inspire your inner Olympian! Happy Running!


Seriously good idea #zika – The August 4th New Yorker Daily Comic –



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