A Week of Turtle Training!

turtleweekI’ve had many people ask me what a typical workouts look like when I’m  training for a race so I thought it would be fun to give you a look at a typical week in my training season. I won’t be covering nutrition this time but let me know if you’re interested and I’ll do a follow up post specifically on what, when, and how much I eat!

This training season my goal race is the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon in November so I’m just about a third of the way through my training season.  The training plan I follow is 16 weeks; long enough to allow for a step-up/step-back approach but short enough that you won’t get bored.

Here’s my typical training week:

run day


Monday – Run Day! 
There’s no better cure for the Monday’s than a good run at the end of a long work day.  My Fleet Feet training group here in Louisville, aka the Louisville Distance Project gets together for our short run – usually no more than 5 miles at max – every Monday!

Tuesday – Cross-Training! Get Pumped! Weightlifting_Cute_Chinese_Panda_Bear_Lifting_Weights-1sm
Tuesday is cross-training day #1.  It’s critical for runners to make sure we are doing some sort of strength training.  You’ll find that weakness in our glutes, hips, and even calves can be the cause of many of the ailments we commonly complain about.  I like to do a group fitness class called Body Pump plus Abs that focuses on light-weight, high rep weight training.  It keeps me lean and toned without making me worry about gaining bulk.  Plus there are a lot of lateral moves which is great for we runners who are always focused on forward motion.

run day

Wednesday – Run Day! Shake It Up Edition
Wednesday workouts are always something different.  My training group meets off-site at a local park or track and we work on one of three types of workouts: Interval Training, Hill Repeats, or Speed Work. It really beneficial to do each of these types of workout to become a really well rounded runner.  Plus, each one works towards making you faster or increasing your overall fitness in some way. Be one the lookout for an upcoming post that will delve a little deeper in to each of these workouts and how to incorporate them in to your own training.


Thursday – Cross-Training! Shake Yo’ Buti!
This is arguably my favorite workout of the whole week!  Buti Yoga is a cross of Vinyasa yoga, tribal dance, cross-fit, and plyometrics, and it is AMAZING! While this is a cardio heavy workout it also counts as
strength and agility training in my book.  Click the photo below for a video of one of our incredible instructors showing off her Buti in a typical sequence.  Yes, we do it to techno-style
music and what’s even cooler is that our studio is actually a dance club by night!13735089_697762480371002_80338598682299529_o


Friday – Rest Day! Have Some Fun!
After a solid four days of hard work it’s time for a day off! Gil and I usually usually do something low-key fun on Fridays like see a movie, hang out with friends, or have a board game night.  I try not to get to crazy because Saturday mornings are pretty early in my world because…

run daySaturday – LONG Run Day!
So I know a lot of people reserve Sunday as their long run day but with my training group and life in general I find that Saturday is much easier to manage.  Plus if you’ve got a really long run it gives you an extra recovery day, bonus! Our Saturday run can be anywhere from 6-13 miles for our half marathon training and 10-22 for our full marathon training.  I’m lucky because this season I’m only half crazy! 😉

3f8e6820e57ef5c23bcb32e4808b1303Sunday – Rest Day! Prep and Plan!

In my world, Sunday is the day for meal planning, housework, errands, and prepping for the week ahead.  With all that going on it works perfectly as a rest day to close out my training week. Plus, with my long run on Saturday it gives my body an extra day to recoup before I head back into the office on Monday.

Making sure that you have a well rounded training plan is the key to a successful race – every time!  It doesn’t matter what your goal is, I guarantee if you are consistent in your training and you mix things up to include cross-training and other activities you’ll succeed!

I hope you found this interesting and/or helpful!  If anyone would like to see what my training program looks like start to finish line let me know! See you next time and Happy Running!

***Disclaimer! I’m not a fitness professional – this is the workout plan that works for me but please, as with all things, be smart and do what works for you, your health, and your training! I’m happy to answer any question you might have  though! 🙂



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