Storytime! Thanks Obnoxious Person!

Have you ever been out for a run and had someone drive by an yell at you from their car window?  I have.  I’ve had cat-calls, encouragements, whistle, and obnoxious idiots who are just plain rude.  It’s pretty normal and generally I ignore it and go about my run for better or worse. But when I’m on a training run with new runners in all states of fitness it really grinds my gears when we encounter one of the obnoxious folks. They are working hard and all it may take is one little off-putting comment to make them quit – sad but true.

This past week while we were out for our normal Monday run one of the aforementioned idiots crossed our path while we were headed up the second of four pretty significant hills on our 4 mile route. These are hills that take focus and power to conquer and my little band of runners was doing fantastic!  Then this young guys drives by in a beat up car, with his head sticking out the window and he yells “Give it up! Stop running! You’re never going to get anywhere!”


Now again, I would normally just brush it off and let that kind of comment push me to work harder but with newer runners with me I wanted to make sure that they knew to do the same. So once were were through that hill I made sure they knew how awesome they were and that the hard work is worth it.  I also shared with them that I let negativity and positivity BOTH fuel my runs and carry me forward.

And do you know what?  My little band of runners did exactly what I hoped they would – they pushed me through the rest of our run!  They worked harder to prove to that crappy kid that they weren’t going to give up and stop running.  That they were going to get get somewhere, exactly where they were working to get, to the finish line!

So thank to the idiot who’s comment backfired gloriously.  Your rudeness didn’t go unnoticed but it certainly didn’t have the effect you hoped for.

Until next time, Happy Running!


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