UnBoxing! The Runner Box- August/September

Who’s ready for another unboxing?!


The August/September Runner Box snuck up on me and I’m looking forward to sharing all the goodies that were inside with you guys! As usual I’ve listed the contents of the box/envelope below with the prices and their website.  Click the pictures to see if the items are available at Amazon ( I always try to include it if they are!) I hope you enjoy the video and Happy Running!

In the box:

  1. Toosum, MSRP $1.29 each; www.toosum.com My toosum bar was missing 😦 Amazon link
  2. Purathlete Indurance, MSRP $18.99; www.purathlete.comdsc_0618
  3. MedZone, MSRP $12.99 for 12 packs or $9.99 for a gel stick; www.medsonecorp.com
  4. Action Wipes, MSRP $1.25 each or $10 for 10; www.actionwipes.com dsc_0620
  5. Kakookies, MSRP $2.99; www.kakookies.com dsc_0627
  6. Chef’s Cut Real Jerky, $2.50; www.chefsrealcutjerky.com dsc_0630
  7. PB2, MSRP $10.20 for a 12 pack; www.bellplantation.com dsc_0623
  8. Prince of Peace Ginger Candy, MSRP  $2.50; www.gnc.com dsc_0625
  9. B-Line, MSRP  $17.50 for a 5 pack; www.blinenaturalenergy.comdsc_0621 
  10. SPORTea, MSRP  $9.99 for a 20 pack; www.ultimateperformanceproducts.com dsc_0629
  11. Shine Organics, MSRP $1.69 www.target.com



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