A Runner’s Christmas Wishlist!

tgfar-cmasAs running has become my main hobby, running gear, race entries, and running related items have topped my Christmas list with more regularity.  I thought it would be appropriate, as we get nearer to the holidays ,to make a “Runner’s Christmas Wish List” to help our gift-giving friends and family with some ideas for what we runners might like for Christmas this year!  (Feel free to share this with anyone who might be unsure of what to get you!)

  1. As I’m sure many of you know, running several races a year can put a major dent in any runners wallet. If you’ve heard the runner in your life talking about wanting to try out a new race or that they are planning to sign up for a race again, why not gift that runner an entry fee! Some race organizers will even give you a certificate with a special code just for your runner! If you’re unsure which race to purchase for them – just ask them what their race plans for the next year are – believe me – we will happily oblige the conversation and never suspect a thing!
  2. Socks
    I know, I know… When we were all kids, socks were among the worst gifts we could receive under the Christmas tree. Now as a running enthusiast socks are one of those things that are a necessity but not super fun to buy.  Getting socks as gifts are actually pretty awesome now! So let the dryer steal a sock from your favorite runner and take it with you to the store to make sure you get the right size and style!  My favorite brands are Balega, Swiftwick,and Feetures.  These socks range in price from about $10.50 to $13.99 and are all available on Amazon (images linked below) or at your local running specialty store.


  3. Lights and Night Gear
    If the runner(s) in your life are like me then winter running means running outside in the dark. (Because treadmills are the devil.) So keep them a little safer by getting them some lights and reflective gear to make sure they are visible on those cold, dark nights or early mornings.  Clip lights, a headlamp, light-up or reflective vests, and reflective clothing are all good options.  Check out my Night Running post for some of my favorite options!
  4. Gift Cards
    Have you noticed how often your runner changes out their shoes, or how many pairs grace their shoe rack? Well, these bad boys are a critical piece of our gear and when you’re running lots of miles for your next marathon, or the multiple races you do in a year, we can go through them pretty quickly. (The average shoe is good for 350-400 miles of wear.) So picking up a gift card from their favorite running store can ease the pain of that next mid-training season shoe purchase! 15032203_1191895020879548_4201421758179036134_n.jpg
  5. A Subscription Box
    I’ve been subscribed to The Runner Crate and The Runner Box since June and I can honestly say these are both really awesome services.  You can your runner up for one month to see if they like it, for a whole year, or just get them one of the holiday special boxes!  Any way you go this is sure to be a pleaser.  Who doesn’t love getting goodies in the mail!? If you’re curious about the kinds of things that are included you can check out any of my unboxing posts to see!

    If you decide to get a Runner Crate subscription be sure to use my code, Lorri10,  at check out for a discount of 10% off!

  6. Training Group Registration
    Training groups are really awesome for a lot of reasons but the BEST part about my training group is the people that I get to run with.  Not just for the company, which is truly awesome on an 18 mile trek but more importantly for the accountability and support they give throughout the season.  From training plans, to nutrition and recovery advice, giving the gift of a training group membership can be a game changer for the runners in your life!  No matter where you are, check out your local running or outdoor store, or search for local run clubs and see what they have to offer.  Check out my post on training groups if you want to read about my experience with my Louisville Distance Project family!)

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    Happy Running and Happy Holidays!!



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