UnBoxing! The Runner Box – March/April

Hey there everyone!  March is here and it’s finally starting to look and feel like spring, at least in our neck of the woods!

I’m kicking things off right this month with a new unboxing of our March/ April subscription box from The Runner Box!  This one was chalk full of all kinds of goodies, a lot of which I have never encountered before! As always I’ve linked the websites and prices below for each product and if it’s available on Amazon you can find that by clicking on the item’s picture! Let’s get to it!

dsc_0349GO POCKET – MSRP $15 for a pack of 3; www.gopocketgo.com

dsc_0356H2Pro – MSRP $16.99 for a pack of 10; www.h2probiotics.com


dsc_0364Shake It Out – MSRP $3 each; www.shakeitout.net


dsc_0323Flora BaoBites – MSRP $12.49 for a full sized bag; www.florahealth.com


dsc_0338RunGoo – MSRP $18 for a 5.5oz tube; www.footkinetics.com


dsc_0312Quest Nutrition Waffle Cereal Bar – MSRP $1.99 each; www.questnutrition.com


dsc_0335Gorilly Goods Seed Mix – MSRP $2.19 each; www.gorillygoods.com


dsc_0341Alsa Energy – MSRP $19.50 for a 12 pack of mixes; www.Alsaenergy.com


dsc_0306-0Vital Proteins – MSRP $34 for a 20 pack; www.vitalproteins.com


dsc_0328Eat. Dream. Be. Dream Bar – MSRP $33 for a 12 pack of bars; www.eatdreambe.com


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