Hey there, I’m Lorri! Nice to “meet” you.   I hope you’ll find something in this blog that you can relate to whether it be running, nutrition, weight loss, or just one of my post on life in general.  I’ve learned a few things in my short time on this planet and hopefully someone else can benefit from what I have to  share!

Name: Lorri (I’ve also been known to answer to Turtles and LorriAnne)

Age: 33 (or I will be in July)

What are your hobbies?
My absolute favorite thing to do is spend time with my awesome husband, we’ve been together for a decade and counting. He’s pretty busy running his business though so I also fill my time with running (surprise!), scrapbooking when I get around to it, photography and volunteering.

Why is running so important to you?
Check out my first blog post, Ground Zero, for this answer. 🙂

What does it mean to you to be a running mentor?
Running is such an individual sport that you forget how influential the support and encouragement of others can be.  Having the camaraderie of a group of people who are as crazy about something as you are is an amazing feeling.  Getting up at 6:00am on a dreary Saturday morning to run 10+ miles isn’t quite as awful because there is a whole group of other people who will be there to go out with you and encourage you on when you feel like stopping.

Being a running mentor lets me be that person for someone else.  I get to share my knowledge of running and the ups and downs we all experience as runners and maybe help someone who’s struggling get through that really tough run and that makes it all worthwhile.

What is your favorite place?
Without a doubt – Auckland, New Zealand!  We visited in May 2014 and plan to move there sooner rather than later!

What makes you feel better, always.
A hug from my hubby and snuggles from my cat Sasha.

What songs are on your workout playlist?
It’s a pretty diverse list! The most played are:
Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
The Ruler and the Killer – Kid Cudi
Heartbeat Song – Kelly Clarkson
Hercules – Sara Bareilles



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